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Our website is legit and trusted by over 70000 customers from Europe and USA.  We operate  under law rules we have over 200 reviews we have never disappointed any of our customers. our partners and wealthy team has created an organization to fight againts ammon scam. You can report a SCAM WEBSITE HERE REPORT SCAM

Yes you can ask for your money back. But when you want to request for money back, you want must read and understand our refund policy. Please we are here for you 24/7 contact us if you need further help

Yes that is our payment method we use in our website. we make sure everything is secure and fast. our payment is one of the secure payment method in the world. Note, we do not collect your data to store you are only paying for your products you have purchase,  you can read more in our Terms and condition 

We prepare your goods for shipping as soon as we receive your payment. for more information, please read our SHIPPING POLICY

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 business days to ship your products. we make sure we respect our shipping policy

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secure payment - buy ammo online

We use one of the best and secure payment method in the world, We use  ssl certificate to encrypt your data.

secure browsing - buy ammo online


We believe people value their data alot so our technical support team have tried to improve our security in several ways, your data, YOUR BROWSING IS SECURED

secure shipping -buy ammo online


We use only secure and fast shipping method to deliver our goods. our agent make sure your product is deliver on time.


As started in our refund policy, we make sure your money is refunded if you are not happy with your order. we are the best

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